Since more than 2/3 of the cork products are destined to the wine sector, over the last decades there has been an increasing concern to guarantee, in the different stages of the production process, high standards of quality and hygiene, in order to ensure an end product of excellence. With this aim in mind, the International Code of Cork Stoppering Practice (CIPR) is created, a good practice manual for the stopper industry, which in 1997 became an international benchmark for the sector and is already in its 6th version.

In order to ensure compliance with the rules stipulated by the ICRP, the international Systecode certification was born, which in 2000 was its first edition, in which Manuel Domingos Apura & Filhos SA was one of the certified companies.

In 2011, CELiège, the entity responsible for the Systecode certification, decided to create the Systcode Premium certification , a certification that rewards companies that meet even more demanding requirements both in terms of food hygiene and safety as well as sustainable development and environmental impact. Once again, Manuel Domingos Apura & Filhos SA has been at the forefront of companies subject to this certification, which has been attributed to it year after year.